The 53 Biggest Self-Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them is, well, just that. After spending many years in publishing, especially as a consultant, professional speaker, and president of a publishing association, it seemed ridiculous that I kept meeting or hearing of authors who’d made the same costly mistakes in their paths through self-publishing.

One author, a World War II vet, was so proud to show me his new book that I couldn’t bear to tell him it had a glaring problem (listed in my book) that would make it basically unsellable beyond his immediate circle. Since he’d just published it, I decided to let him enjoy the moment—I know the feeling—and follow up with him at a later date with a few “suggestions” for how the book could be more “marketable.” I suspect he had no more money to make the changes (I wasn’t pitching my services; these were things he would have someone else do), because nothing ever happened and the book still sits today near the bottom of Amazon’s sales rankings. How sad, because you never know what the book could’ve been, if only he’d known better.

So, it’s my mission to warn you of the myriad mistakes that can be made and give your book its best chance at success. The right idea, in just the right words, at the right time, can make a difference in someone’s life—that’s the power of publishing. But it can only happen when those words (in book or whatever form) can reach their intended audience. Stay tuned to this blog and participate, so we all can help each other make the best of all self-publishing has to offer.

Learn more about The 53 Biggest Self-Publishing Mistakes.

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