There are many books that tell you what to do when self-publishing, but none that warn you what NOT to do. Until mine.

I wrote The 53 Biggest Self-Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them based on my 20+ years in indie publishing as an author, consultant, self-publisher, publisher, instructor, speaker, and more. I’ve met too many authors who took the bold step to publish their own books, only to make critical mistakes, some of which rendered the books unsellable. It’s sad to see this happen when it could’ve been avoided with just a key, sometimes simple, piece of information.

This blog is the natural extension of my book and the perfect way for all of us self-publishing authors to share our experiences and, more important, warnings.

Self-publishing is one the greatest opportunities of our time. Remembering what it took to publish my own first book in 1987, it is astounding to think what is possible today. But DYI publishing, as some call it, can be confusing and fraught with potential missteps and costly lessons. It’s my hope that this blog and my book can help you and other authors succeed on your self-publishing path.

Andrew Chapman


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